All About Morakot Island  

All About Morakot Island

Morakot Island, also known as Koh Puos or Snake Island, is a small tropical island in the Gulf of Thailand, just under 1km from the coast of SihanoukVille, Cambodia.

Morakot Island is approximately 2km long and 1km wide. It's sits 950 meters off the coast of SihanoukVille, Cambodia, and is accessible by bridge from Hawaii Beach.

The island is not open to the public at this time, as there is construction throughout the island, to turn it into a first class tropical resort.

There is (or maybe will be) a 5km road around the island, a couple of 4 star hotels, a 5 star hotel, and even a 6 star hotel. a casino, golf course, marina, apartments and villas, shopping center, nature parks and beaches everywhere.  Completion date is around 2018 or so......

(2018 update. It looks like near the Snake Island Bridge on the mainland side, the presidents of Cambodia and Russia are shaking hands and smiling on a big billboard on a construction fence.  The police guarding it said it is part of snake island, and there is some activity there.


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