Morakot Island
Snake Island
Koh Puos Island

Morakot Island

Morakot Island.  Previously known as Snake Island or Koh Puos Island.  (Puos means snake in the Cambodian language, and someone thought that might scare people, so they changed the name?).

Future home to Villas, a marina, resort and many other attractions.

This is the only tropical island in Cambodia connected by a bridge.

The bridge has one end on Hawaii Beach and it's 950 meters across the ocean to Morakot Island.

You can't go to visit the island now, but you can invest in it's future.

Morakot Seaside Villas are for sale, starting at just under 1 millions U.S. Dollars.  This includes use of the Private Beach Club.  The new plan is for an appoximately 1 Billion dollar resort on the island.

Planned for the island is also and apartment building, shopping center, casino and entertainment complex, marina, hotel, wild nature preserves, botanical gardens, and a sports park.

Access to the island will be over the bridge, by boat, helicopter or seaplane.

Come check it out!
Just not now, 'cause it's not open yet.

See you soon!


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